TimesManager™ Is More Than Just A Time and Billing Program

TimesManager™ is a cloud-based time tracking and invoicing system designed to enhance client communication, reduce recording inaccuracies and increase productivity. We integrate seamlessly with Intuit Quickbooks API to help you generate bigger profits for your company!

Time Tracking

Don't lose a minute of billable time
Create timed entry slips from your computer, tablet or smart phone. You will always have the ability to track your time accurately with TimesManager™.

Invoice Review

Employees bill - You approve
TimesManager™ allows you to control the invoicing process. Let your employees enter their time and expenses as they work, and you can approve all of time slips at once prior to any invoice generation. Our goal is to provide comprehensive billing options to simplify your business operations.

Cloud-based Solution

Yes, we are on the cloud
TimesManager™ is a cloud-based time and billing software solution. No more purchasing expensive licenses and having to work from your desktop computer. You can work anywhere there is Internet and for a fraction of the cost!

Document Management

Keep all of your documents in one place
TimesManager™ lets you store documents online for access from anywhere at any time. Assign them to a client or simply store company documents so you can refer to them whenever necessary.

Customized User Settings

Control What Your Users Can Access
Create, manage and delete users directly from your settings panel. Control permissions and set unique rights for each member of your team. TimesManager™ gives you the peace of mind that your staff will have limited or full access as determined by you.

Sync with Outlook®

You choose what you want to see
Effectively sync your Microsoft Outlook® calendar, contacts and even upload your emails for billing and CRM functionality. It is just another way TimesManager™ makes keeping accurate track of your time that much easier.

Expense Tracking

From your office or on the go
Along with tracking your billable time throughout the day, expenses are now just as easy to keep organized. Allowing for customizable and personalized expense types, TimesManager™ is your go-to for creating and attaching expenses to invoices both from your mobile device and at the office.

Split Billing

Save time
TimesManager™ automatically separates the charges and generates multiple invoices when there is more than one party to bill for your services. This unique split billing feature eliminates the hassle of calculating and generating each invoice separately. TimesManager™ does the work for you!


Bank-Grade Encryption
TimesManager™ takes your security seriously. We have equipped our servers with bank-grade 256 Bit SSL Encryption so you can be comfortable knowing that your data is safely protected on our cloud-based servers.


We play nice with many accounting programs
TimesManager™ interfaces with QuickBooks®, TABS® and many other accounting software programs.


We are here to help
TimesManager™ never charges to support you! Call us at 954.351.5555 and we’ll answer any questions that you may have and even help you to set up your account.


For our legal clients
We understand the importance of seamless workflow and accurate billing for legal professionals. Our time management software’s functionality includes LEDES, ABA and UTBMS task code application to ensure accurate and timely accounts receivable billing.

Robust Reporting

See everything at a glance
TimesManager™ can create reports by client, project and date. Report options include pending fees and expenses, user productivity, billable vs. non-billable hours, activity by project or expert and our aging report. You can also create a customized report!

Flexible Billing

We're as flexible as you are
We understand that you need options when it comes to billing for your services. Whether it’s a contingency fee, flat fee, hourly rate, or a special billing arrangement, TimesManager™ lets you take charge!

Mobile Access

Work on the go
TimesManager™ has a native iOS mobile app for the iPhone and a mobile website that allows you to work from any device!

CRM Solution

Manage client information from anywhere
On the go or at your office, TimesManager™ gives you Client Relationship Manager (CRM) features so you can be on top of everything! Put in meeting notes for your team to see or private notes for your eyes only.

Customized Dashboard

Important data at a quick glance
Organize your dashboard so that you are the most productive. View your calendar, recent time slips, sales, unbilled work and expenses, cash flow and productivity, etc. right from your dashboard. All the information that you need will be right there when you login.

Trust & IOLTA Accounting

For every size law firm
With all of the rules and regulations regarding Trust accounts, your firm will want a software that doesn’t leave room for any errors. TimesManager™ Legal has Trust and IOLTA accounting built right in so that your trust accounts will always be up-to-date and accurate.

Instant Invoicing

Get paid quicker
Generate invoices faster with our one click billing created directly from your time slips and expenses, so you know everything is included. Once you have created an invoice you can email it directly to your client from TimesManager™. Quicker and easier billing means faster payments from your clients!

Accounts Receivable

Built-in options to entice your clients to pay faster
TimesManager™ gives you the ability to offer percentage discounts for early payments or interest for overdue invoices, keeping your collections time to a minimum.

Global Search

We find everything in an instant
Find time slips, invoices or documents in an instant with TimesManager’s™ powerful global search engine.

Partner Apps

We integrate with other software
TimesManager™ integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks®, TABS® and Microsoft Outlook® just to name a few. Contact us today to see how well we work with your software!

Task and Calendar

Never miss a meeting or forget a task again
Scheduling meetings shouldn’t be complicated. With TimesManager™, every meeting and task will be linked to a client and a location so that nothing is overlooked. You can view other team members’ calendars so that staff and locations are not double-booked; sync to Outlook® which will make sharing important information much easier; and with the calendar feature, every billable task and meeting will be billed without any additional effort on your teams’ part.

Import Your Data

Yes, even from our competitors
We constantly hear from potential clients that although they are unhappy with their current time and billing software, they just don’t have the time to start over and enter all of their client data again. With TimesManager ™, you don’t have to! Our intuitive system will allow you to import data from almost any software that you are using. Just give us a call at 954.351.5555 and we can discuss all of the available options for you and your company.