Don’t Let Your Time Management and Billing System Cost You Money

TimesManager™ lets you easily track billable and non-billable hours to get bigger profits for your company.

Is your current time management and billing system costing you money?

TimesManager™ makes it easy for you to track billable and non-billable hours to ensure the best use of your time and bigger profits for your company.

A cloud-based time and billing software, TimesManager™ offers accessibility to time and expense tracking, split billing, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), document management and so much more!  All from the convenience of your computer, tablet or smart phone.

Features of TimesManager™ Online Billing & Time Tracking

TimesManager™ Mobile App for iOS and Android

TimesManager™ Microsoft Outlook Plugin

TimesManager™ AssignLinQ Integration

Use TimesManager™ on your desktop and mobile devices

No longer are you restricted to your desk. Keep all of your data with you while you are on the move by downloading the TimesManager™ mobile app! TimesManager™ is a cloud-based time and billing software that offers accessibility to all of your time and expense slips, split billing, documents, clients, projects and assignments from the convenience of your computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Utilize TimesManager’s™ quasi Customer Relationship Management tools and features such as data syncing, speech recognition, and time tracking for instant billing.

The TimesManager™ mobile app is available in the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices.

Time Tracking
Create timed entry slips from your computer, tablet or smart phone. You will always have the ability to track your time accurately with TimesManager™.
Expense Tracking
Along with tracking your billable time throughout the day, expenses are now just as easy to keep organized. Allowing for customizable and personalized expense types, TimesManager™ is your go-to for creating and attaching expenses to invoices both from your mobile device and at the office.
Billing, Split Billing, Invoicing & Shared Services
TimesManager’s™ customizable billing rates (including hourly, contingency, flat fee, split billing, etc.) bring a fast and easy billing process for lawyers, timekeepers, mediators, and professionals alike. Generate invoices, record payments, and track A/R on your own or let us do the work for you through our Shared Services.
Client Relationship Management (CRM)
Using our innovative CRM functionality will allow you to easily manage interactions with current and future clients while increasing your retention and conversion rates. The TimesManager™ dashboard allows for creating calendar appointments through Outlook, multiple user collaboration and storage of history.
Document Management
Capturing all document file activity is just one way we believe in helping you operate more efficiently. Whether you’re uploading, scanning or sharing a document, we ensure that having your documents available to you from anywhere will be made easier with TimesManager™.
TimesManager™ allows for reporting in any category of data necessary, while tracking the month-to-month productivity of your business using Power BI. Through our user activity, accounting activity, and client description reports, managing business has never been easier!
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Take control of your time and maximize your billing.

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