The Quintessential Qualities of Legal Billing Software

Law related activities are extremely intricate and expensive too. Most of the law and attorney firms work on hourly basis as it is the industry norms for serving the clients to cater to their business needs. These legal billing software programs are designed for the attorney and lawyers for generating quick and errorless invoice with […]

Avoid Legal Billing Deficiencies With Accurate Invoices

Managing bills is often a complex job for a law firm. The tricky thing while generating invoices for legal works is that the billing procedure will not be the same for every case. Though hourly billing is the common practice used for billing, depending on the prospects of the client, nature of the legal work, […]

Time and Expense Tracking Solutions

We all know that time is a precious resource but many a times, we use it carelessly. One of the best ways to use our time wisely is through tracking our time. Almost everyone of us might have experienced the negative consequences that occur when we don’t track our time properly. But time tracking can […]


No one likes to lose time on tasks. That’s why it’s important to document and track your activity so you don’t miss out on potential revenue.  With split billing, this makes it easier for lawyers, timekeepers, and mediators to bill for settlement when dealing with complex litigation. Tired of splitting a settlement 2,3,4,5, or even […]