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Mediators encompass arbitrators, negotiators, judges, referees, counselors, psychologists who bill their services to multiple parties involved for the same job. A mediation business model can be considered a bit complex for any simple billing software, ‘s that only offer few options of billing.  JDi offers billing mediation software in TimesManager™  and ha made sure that this type of system was set up for these lovely and hardworking mediators.

This software makes it comprehensive and integrated solution to embrace the systems of most mediators. The system includes features like robust reporting, instant invoicing, invoice review, flexible billing, accounts receivable, document management, accounting easy integration, CRM solution, task and calendar management, customizes user settings, free support staff, personalized dashboard and partnering apps integration.

As a mediator, your goal in life is conflict resolution. Your job demands a person with reasoning, problem-solving and peacemaking ability. Here is why we are just like you:


In making sure we align with your goals, we are not here to say STOP using all of your other programs, instead let’s work together to be as optimal as possible! We integrate with accounting software as well as third-party applications to make your life easier.

Problem Solving

Often times you sit down at your desk for several hours realizing your bank account is low and your receivables are through the roof because you are a workaholic (like many of us). Let us get those payment reminders in before you even remember!


Making peace with the limited time we all have on this earth is ultimately what we want to achieve with this intuitive platform. What is your time worth to you? Now let’s get you mediating and helping the community with your expertise while we take care of the billing logistics on our end.

“Our firm is not necessarily as computer savvy as we would like, however Timesmanager™ makes life so much easier. Their free support is a keeper for folks at my office that have quick questions about specific functionalities. It gives me more time to help my clients as opposed to trying to chase accounts receivables.”

Increasing recording accuracy and reducing the loss of billable hours is finding the true gold in your business. This billing mediation software allows leveraging the reporting to show various characteristics of your business that you would not have known otherwise. Having your clients, your billables and various other features in one place allow for you to see the full picture. Dealing with cases that involve several parties at the same-time is strenuous as it is. Why stress with billing when you don’t have to?

One of our top differences between the other guys and us is our FREE support and overall easy integration on most applicable needs. Catering to several hundreds of mediators at a time, we want to make your life easier and understand your needs. Any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out, and we do offer a free 30-day trial of our billing mediation software. For more information please call 954.351.5555



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