Maximize your time with an inclusive appointment calendar, task manager with customizable notifications, and billing mediation CRM software.

Accounts Receivable

Billing Options for Faster Payments

TimesManager™ gives you the ability to offer percentage discounts for early payments or add interest for overdue balances. Monitor the increase in your billing efficiency from generated reports viewed from your account dashboard.

Task Management Calendar

Keep Tasks and Appointments Organized

Create tasks and sync your calendar from Microsoft Outlook to manage appointments. You can even set notifications for your own account or amongst your team.

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Store and Manage Documents

Secure Storage for Your Documents

TimesManager™ allows you to save documents in cloud storage for anytime access and assign files to specific clients or team members.


One-click Invoicing

Instant Billing

Generate invoices created directly from your time slips and expenses with our one-click billing feature. Once you have created an invoice you can email it to your client directly from TimesManager™.


Time and Expense Tracking

Track your time accurately with TimesManager™by creating timed entry slips from your computer, tablet or smart phone. You can also set expenses associated with each task or activity.

Split Billing

TimesManager™ automatically separates the charges and generates multiple invoices when there is more than one party to bill for your services. This unique split billing feature eliminates the hassle of calculating and generating each invoice separately.

Built-In CRM

TimesManager™ is packed with Client Relationship Management features enabling you to create notes, store contact information, organize associated documentation and manage invoicing.


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