How To Be Highly Productive

We all know that one person at work who is always highly efficient and seems to breeze through the day. Somehow, they manage to respond to all emails and chats in a timely manner while getting their tasks done while staying motivated and energized. They may seem like mystical wizards, but their secret lies in […]


Solutions are created through collaboration When you speak, we listen. That’s the key. By working together, we can grow and invest in developing a better solution – so at the end of the day, we are both winners. JDi is proud to announce our latest updates to TimesManager: Invoice Summary by Class: This report shows time […]

The Multiple Functions of TimesManager

IS YOUR CURRENT TIME MANAGEMENT AND BILLING SYSTEM COSTING YOU MONEY? TimesManager makes it easier than ever to track billable and non-billable hours, guaranteeing the optimal use of your time and dollars saved for your firm. With the solution’s instant invoicing feature, generating invoices is fast and efficient with one-click billing. However, TimesManager is way more […]

The Benefits of Switching to Paperless Billing

The Benefits of Switching to Paperless Billing

Switching to a paperless billing system is not something that happens overnight for law firms. It requires thorough planning and finding the right technological solution that can effectively replace the entire billing process from start to finish. If a legal practice switches to the wrong solution, it can become a painful process that may not […]