Got questions? We have answers.

We’ve answered the most common questions here.  However, if you can’t find what you are looking for, please give us a call at 954.351.5555.

What do I need to know before I sign up for TimesManager™?

I am not a lawyer, is TimesManager™ going to be overkill for me?

Not at all! TimesManager™ was created to simplify any business management functions. Our goal was to offer robust software that you can afford.  Simply sign up for our TimesManager™ Professional plan and you’ll have access to all of our great functionality, without any of the unnecessary legal options.

I am a Lawyer, can TimesManager™ withstand a bill review audit?

TimesManager’s™ parent company, JDi Data, has extensive experience with large law firms and billing related issues. We currently interface with Serengeti, Legal-X, TyMetrix, and others. Ask about our Enterprise version as well as our in-house Shared Services billing option. Call our Lawyer Enterprise version experts for more information 954.351.5555.

Can my clients pay their invoices online with TimesManager™?

Yes.  We can integrate with most online payment systems.  Call us today, 954.351.5555, to find out more!

Can TimesManager™ be used as a project management tool?

The infrastructure for project management is currently in TimesManager™. The workflow procedures and business rules for project management purposes will continue to be added as enhancements into the TimesManager™ system.

Does TimesManager™ have CRM capabilities?

Yes! TimesManager™ offers document depository, notes, calendars and relational communications features that all contribute to TimesManager™ ability to be a Customer Relationship Manager tool.

Do you provide an Enterprise version of TimesManager™?

Yes, an Enterprise version is scheduled for a Q4 2014 release. It will include an API interface for third-party software including QuickBooks and Outlook contacts, enhanced bill review billing for lawyers, enhanced CRM capabilities, desktop shortcuts, and custom reporting. We also want your input! Email us your thoughts to with feedback on what you would like to see in our Enterprise version.

If I need support ASAP, can I get in contact with a live person?

Yes! TimesManager is more than software, it’s a relationship. We want to hear if you are having any issues so we can address them promptly. Contact us with any support questions at 954.351.5555.

Are there monthly fees for support?

There are no monthly fees for support. We are your help desk, complete with training and encouraging communication to ensure you are getting the best use out of TimesManager™.

What type of security does TimesManager™ have?

TimesManager™ is aware that your information is valuable and extremely sensitive.  Our 256-bit bank grade security will keep your data safe.  And our daily backups and redundancy will ensure that you will always have access to your data whenever you need it.

What is the cost for multiple users?

The pricing for additional users is based on your selected plan. There is no limit on the number of users . Click here to obtain our current pricing and to get started!

What happens at the end of the 30-day free trial?

It will be time to start your subscription! Click on the Buy Now located in the top right hand corner of your TimesManager™ web application and select the number of licenses needed and click Upgrade. Additional user subscriptions are available with no limit on the amount of users.

Do I have to commit for a year or do you have a monthly subscription?

TimesManager™ likes to be flexible.  We do offer different plans to fit your needs and the option for a monthly or annual subscription.  Obviously, we do reward you with a nice discount if you do sign-up for a year!  Click here to view our pricing and plans.

Other things you should know!

What is the link to the TimesManger™ mobile website?

To view the TimesManager™ mobile website on any device, go to

What can I link my TimesManager™ account to?

TimesManager™ can be linked to a copy machine, fax machine, document depository and any number of interfaces to improve your workflow.

Can I bill activities at different rates?

TimesManager™ will bill activities at the default hourly rate but may be overridden if the rate for the activity is different.


How can I track my time on TimesManager™?

TimesManager™ provides multiple ways to track your time. Start a time slip and TimesManager™ will begin the timer. When your activity is complete, stop the timer and the billing entry will be accurate and complete.  Did you forget to track your time?  No worries.  Just create a time slip and enter the time for the activity.  All of this can be done with your computer, smart phone or tablet.

What is LEDES Billing?

The electronic billing format provides a standard data format for electronically transmitted invoices, typically from a law firm to a corporate client.

Why is there two non LEDES activities for logging calls?

There are two non LEDES activities available for logging phone calls. Some users like to know if they called or were called. We realize this is a break from your normal billing programs, as they do not provide due diligence and CRM options. Since TimesManager™ includes a complete document depository, event calendaring, and contact information, we realized that there may be reasons to create your own codes to help you define, from a management aspect, what’s going on in your business. There are substantial flexibilities that should be explored in addition to the base time and billing usage that TimesManager™ offers.

What is Shared Services?

TimesManager’s™ team of accounting experts will partner with your billing department to facilitate revenue growth while limiting expenses associated with staffing and office space. Services include generating invoices, recording payments, tracking A/R, and handling collections.  Our Shared Services program is completely customizable to meet your needs.  Call us at 954.351.5555 to see how we can help your team!

Does TimesManager™ offer invoice templates?

Yes! TimesManager™ has both a standard and classic invoice template that you can customize with your company logo and information.

What mobile options are available with TimesManager™?

TimesManager™ has both a native iOS mobile application and a mobile website that can be used on any phone or tablet.  Click here for our mobile website.

Can I customize my TimesManager™ Dashboard?

Yes, you can organize the TimesManager™ Dashboard so that you are the most productive. View your calendar, recent time slips, sales, unbilled work, expenses, cash flow and productivity right from your dashboard.  You can even create a time slip by entering as little as three characters of your Project / Activity / Client.

What kind of files can I upload to TimesManager™?

You can upload any file types through the TimesManager™ Document Manager.  From Word, Excel and PowerPoint files to videos, TimesManager™ lets you store whatever you need so that you can access it from anywhere.

What software does TimesManager™ work with?

We integrate with numerous software and equipment.  Call us today, 954.351.5555, to see if we can incorporate seemlessly with your system!

Can I customize user permissions?

Of course!  You can create, manage and delete users directly from your settings panel.  Set unique permissions and rights for each member of your team.

Can I create macros to save time?

TimesManager™ allows you to set up as many macros as you like.  When you create a macrocode, the default information you entered will auto fill.  For example, create the macrocode “mc” and you can have “Preparing for mediation” automatically enter.  You will always have the ability to add information or edit the macros message.

What are activity groups?

TimesManager™ has two sets of activity groups, general and LEDES.  General is a most commonly used code and LEDES is specific to the legal practice. The administrators have the option of creating any code combinations they choose as well as creating completely new code groups. Feel free to call customer service to discuss options for your business.

Technical Questions

Can I import my Outlook contacts?

Yes, there are two ways to import your contacts:

  1. Install TimesManager’s Outlook plugin to sync your contacts in Outlook to TimesManager™ contacts.
  2. Use Outlook to export a CSV file and import the CSV file into TimesManager™.

How do I interface with my accounting product?

Times Manager™ interfaces with accounting products by using a standard import/export feature built into both products. Full integration with bi-directional interfaces are available through our customer support department. Contact us at 954.351.5555 for more information.

How do I integrate with QuickBooks?

Call us at 954.351.5555 and we’ll walk you through the process of synching with QuickBooks.  It is quick and painless!

Are there any videos that can help me with TimesManager™?

We have created some helpful videos that will guide you through creating clients, projects, tasks, users, and many other tips to make using TimesManager™ as easy as possible.  Visit our Resources page to view these videos!