TimesManager makes it easier than ever to track billable and non-billable hours, guaranteeing the optimal use of your time and dollars saved for your firm. With the solution’s instant invoicing feature, generating invoices is fast and efficient with one-click billing.

However, TimesManager is way more than just a timing and billing program. Designed to enhance client communication, reduce recording inaccuracies and increase productivity – TimesManager is a cloud-based system offering CRM capabilities, project management, and integrations with other software like QuickBooks and Microsoft Outlook.

Don’t Let Time Slip Away

Create timed entry slips from your computer, tablet, or smartphone and attach receipts to projects with any mobile device camera. You can also retrieve time slips, notes, and calendar events quickly with a keyword search. TimesManager services are all completely customizable – generate invoices with customized templates, record payment, and track A/R on your own or work with our development team to customize your templates or invoices.

Manage Client Relations and Make Teamwork Easier

Whether you’re on the go or at your office, you can efficiently manage interactions with current and future clients to increase retention and conversion rates. Meeting notes can be made available for the whole team or set as private.

Project Management

AssignLinQ for TimesManager is an included cloud-based assignment dispatching module that provides everything needed to manage documents, create invoices, and communicate in real-time. The client portal, designed specifically for insurers and risk managers, allows a client to log in and assign a claim, subrogation, desktop review, appraisal request, surveillance or any other type of assignment for dispatch.

Seamless Integrations with Core Business Technologies

Effectively sync your Microsoft Office 365 calendar, contacts and even upload your emails for billing and CRM functionality. Every meeting and task can be linked to a client and a location so that nothing is overlooked.

With the QuickBooks integration, users are able to create an invoice in TimesManager and automatically have QuickBooks updated to avoid double entry.

Centralized Document Depository

Keep all of your important documents in one place with the ability to access them from anywhere at any time. Assign them to a client or simply store company documents so you can refer to them when necessary. With the global search feature, users are able to find everything they need in an instant.

Many firms have found great success by foregoing their obsolete billing methods and implementing newer platforms that reduce employee workloads through automation. The traditional ways that companies generate bulk invoices are tedious and drawn-out, requiring extensive hours and manual labor.

Since so many variations of billing requirements exist, it’s necessary that your billing system is extremely versatile. TimesManager is specifically designed to help organizations overcome these challenges.

TimesManager is a versatile and robust solution for businesses of all sizes looking to simplify their payment collection, improve customer relations, and eliminate errors while saving resources.


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