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Most law firms are losing as much as 33% of their annual billable hours because of poor recording habits.  The math is simple. If you are billing 40 hours a week at $250 an hour, you should be making $10,000 per week. With poor time tracking and invoicing, you are really billing $6,700.  That’s a loss of $3,300 a week!

The solution is TimesManager™, a simple to use cloud-based time tracking and invoicing system specifically designed for attorneys to help prevent loss of billable hours.  

TimesManager™ is offering all GLLN members and GLLN referrals a BOGO deal for TimesManager™. When you sign up for an annual subscription for one user, you will receive another user subscription for FREE using the code GLLN (you must enroll before June 20th, 2016).  Go to to sign up for a free trial or call Pat Glass at 954-351-5555 for more details.

 Benefits of TimesManager™:

  • Time tracking and billing capabilities anytime from any device
  • Instant invoicing combined with our unique split billing feature
  • Smart time slip creation system
  • Rapid reporting allows you to monitor your firm’s productivity and billable activities
  • Built-in CRM tools