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TimesManager™, made by JDi Data, is quickly becoming a more prominent tool used by professionals throughout many industries. TimesManager™, a solution for legal billing software, was rated TLs’ (Technolawyer) NewsWire Hot Product. Choosing legal billing software is often a hassle to many firms, but it is important to make sure that your business is accurately tracking their time. In an industry that thrives on billable hours finding long-term legal billing software is critical.

TimesManager™ takes the guesswork out of keeping track of your time. The ability to track billable hours and record in a variety of different ways is what makes TimesManager™ such a versatile solution for legal billing software.

Save time with our split billing feature, which will separate charges and create multiple invoices in the case of multiple parties. This feature is unique to TimesManager™ and removes the frustration of calculation and separation.

Billing is only half of the job; reporting, expense tracking, and client management are also a significant aspect to Legal Billing Software. TimesManager™ will report any of the data necessary while tracking the month-to- month productivity your business. Organize your reports by quarter, projects, or client. Our powerful software will produce reports by productivity, fees, even different projects.

Proper management of expenses will also help save your firm money. We allow for different personalized expense types. The power of this feature can be best seen in our mobile offerings. Expenses are sometimes unexpected, the ability to track expenses from your phone will help keep track.

While a major part of legal work is spent face to face with clients there is a significant amount time spent away from the client. It is in this instance that TimeManager™ software really thrives. It is easy to lose track of time when doing research, TimesManager™ will keep track of these tasks. For either small or large firm we can help. It is important to make sure your firm is utilizing its entire workforce to its full potential. Your staff can enter their time in separately and you can produce invoices separately or group together for different projects. Build a better practice and seamlessly bill for multiple employees contributing hours so that you do not have to keep track of it on your own.

In order to make the processes in the office as streamlined as possible, we have built our software from the ground up to be compatible with the additional productivity programs.  Manage contacts and calendars with Outlook, integrate financials with QuickBooks® and even TABS®.

When managing clients, streamlined communication will help save on confusion and money. Use our Outlook functionality to schedule meetings and assign tasks to those meetings. Organize schedules by viewing other team members calendars and share all the information with your team.

The importance of choosing the correct Legal Billing Software cannot be understated. TimesManager™ is ranked #1 in this category according to TechnoLawyer. It is designed to save the most of your company’s time and ensure you are not leaving money on the table. For pleasant convenience, users can access from their Mac or PC as well as mobile.

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