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Ranked #1 in time and billing software, JDi’s premium product: TimesManager™ answers all of your needs concerning a comprehensive and user-friendly platform. Filling the needs of many throughout the industries of consulting, law, contracting, freelancing, small business, coaches, and mediation.

In many instances, the entire process of tracking time, invoicing and collecting sounds like a full-time job. Eliminating much of the work throughout, this time and billing software will allow you to re-allocate those hours towards other business orientated tasks thus boosting productivity.

“This has helped my advertising agency keep track of my employees workflow and add 20% of missed income from smaller jobs that wouldn’t usually be recorded instantly. I do not have to stay late Friday nights sending hourly status reports to clients; the reporting feature is a favorite of mine.”

The accessibility through your phone to your PC allows for an instant sync onto all devices. You can even connect your merchant account all in one place so that you do not have to create additional steps for them to pay. Save the hassle of taking credit card numbers over the phone or collecting the documents that end up becoming lost in the abyss of your desktop.

We know that as business owners and agents alike, we have very limited time during the week for additional tasks outside of actual services performed. The more service performed, the more allocated revenue for your ultimate ROI (return on investment). If your standard hourly rate outweighs the amount of time it takes to manage this side of your business, time and billing software as comprehensive as TimesManager™ is something to consider.

TimesManager™ offers affordable options to any size business and can scale to size as you grow. Database migration is as easy to use and understand as checking your email. With several years in the business, and an advanced team of web developers, database management, and overall day-to-day usability is an important factor in making sure it is as loyal and reliable as your dog that waits by your door every day you come home from work.

Based on Capterra’s “Best Billing Software Products,” the most prominent component is the elimination of using multiple products and software. TimesManager™ does a multitude of functions that goes beyond an ordinary billing software which easily resolves this problem. Being able to quickly access your billables and opt into a paperless cloud-based system is one of the major benefits. As long as you have wifi, you can be heading on a surf trip in Costa Rica and check your accounts to make sure your clients are paying on time. If you snag a software issue or are not sure how to use a particular feature, not to fret, we are here to offer free customer support. Looking to import your data? TimesManager can import data from almost any software that you are currently using.  Give it a go, free 30-day trial here:

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