No one likes to lose time on tasks. That’s why it’s important to document and track your activity so you don’t miss out on potential revenue.  With split billing, this makes it easier for lawyers, timekeepers, and mediators to bill for settlement when dealing with complex litigation.

Tired of splitting a settlement 2,3,4,5, or even 20 different ways using antiquated tech? Well we have the answer for you! Utilizing our latest functionality you now have the ability to recoup your time and spend it on more valuable tasks. After all you’re attorneys, not CPA’s!

Your Needs, Our Solution

Our TimesManager solution conforms to your needs. It can handle the necessities of your profession and more. The technological design behind it will simplify all aspects of your daily responsibilities.

What does it do?

  • It’s Fast: Speedy results and turnaround
  • Customizable: We deliver how you want it.
  • Easy: No headaches here!
  • Saves Time: Be ahead of the game.

Split billing takes care of the work for you when it comes to distributing funds to allocated parties. Our innovative technology lets you take control of your time on your schedule. In addition to that, our dashboard allows for you stay on top of all your events and activities. You will be able to stop overlooking or double booking your calendar with our application with just a couple of clicks.

Mobile: On the Go!

You don’t have to be chained to your desktop to use our innovative software. Our mobile optimized platform gives you the power of TimesManager in your hands.  With it, you are able to access the functions from TimesManager on your phone at any time or place. Perfect for those times and trips spent on planes, trains, or automobiles this holiday season (side note, great movie btw). Convenience and innovation all in one!

Value made for You

Our team understands how valuable your time is. We aim for our software to make you successful in all aspects of your profession, without taking away or adding complexity to your workload.

  • We value your time and make sure that our solutions give you the best use of it.
  • We value efficiency.
  • We value your investment

Our team is driven to consistently deliver quality customer service. We provide ongoing training and live webinars to insure they are up to speed with all the newly deployed functionality of TimesManager. By cutting down on client’s expenses, we enable them to see an immediate return on their investment. JDi Data has over two decades of experience in the legal community. We know what works and we deliver innovative solutions to our customers. Come sign up today for your FREE TRIAL.