The life of an attorney is not an easy one.  They’re regularly required to work long hours from a variety of different locations that include the office, a client’s house, or even a picnic bench at a park.  Oftentimes, this results in the inability to handle office correspondence like phone calls and emails.  In the rare instance that an attorney actually finds themselves in their office for a few hours, they generally spend their time by drafting legal proceedings and preparing for upcoming trials.  Understandably, this has made legal professionals highly dependent on mobile devices to help complete their work.

But even with the modern advantages of mobile technology, attorneys often find themselves at a lost on how to accurately assess how much time they’ve spent on specific cases.  Unfortunately, this regularly leads to irresponsible billing habits.  The effect of which, is that attorneys end up either over-charging or under-charging their clients.  Mostly, this is simply because attorneys are so busy that they regularly forget to adequately keep track of their time and tasks.  This results in them having to log their billable hours by memory, which is only human and prone to make mistakes.

Cloud Technology Allows Easier Mobility for Attorneys

Only a short decade ago it seemed impossible that a cell phone could optimize an attorney’s legal billing practices.  Thankfully, the continued advancement of technology has made the impossible plausible.  In recent years, cloud technology has revolutionized data storage by providing users with a secure access point for all of their data from any network connected device.  Aside from the immediate access to all information, this has also made it possible for two separate individuals to work on the same job from two different locations with real-time updates.  Meaning, no more duplicate work and freedom from the binding chains of the office.

Efficient Mobile Legal Billing

One of the main benefits to using a cloud based time tracking system is that it enhances the entire billing process from start to finish.  This is mainly accomplished through the unique ability to log time and tasks from any location at the flip of a dime.  By simply logging onto the mobile app or website, users can effortlessly complete all of their time and billing requirements through an intuitive display that invites user confidence in handling all billing needs.  Not to mention, a cloud based legal billing solution can be programmed to automatically deliver bills and request payment, thereby accelerating the billing cycle and cementing faster payments.

Extended Support for Software Tools and Data Storage

In addition to the added mobility, cloud based time tracking and billing software has numerous other advantages over traditional time tracking methods.  This includes seamless integration with 3rd party software applications like Microsoft Outlook, for an entirely synchronized calendar and contact list that provides optimal CRM functionality.  Another key benefit is how users gain complete 24/7 control over all of their data, so that within a few easy clicks, attorneys can quickly access any necessary data, legal documents, or financial records —making sure they always have the answer on hand.  In all, a cloud based legal time tracking and billing system like Times Manager™ delivers everything a law firm needs for tracking billable hours and delivering customized invoices.

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